I'm Alexa

I make pretty & functional things with code

float localOffX, localOffY;

if(dA != 0) 
  localOffX = 2 * sin(dA / 2) * ((dS / dA) + sR);
  localOffY = 2 * sin(dA / 2) * ((dM / dA) + sM);
  localOffX = dS;
  localOffY = dM;

window.addEventListener("mousemove", e => {
  for(let i = 0; i < codeBlocks.length; i++) {
    codeBlocks[i].style.transform = `translate(
      ${(e.clientX - window.innerWidth / 2) * scalars[i].x}px, 
      ${(e.clientY - window.innerHeight / 2) * scalars[i].y}px)

.card, .img
  box-shadow: 0 8px 24px 8px rgba($main, 0.15)
  border-radius: 8px
  position: absolute
  width: $width * 0.8
  height: $height * 0.8

About me

I am a programmer, game maker, UI & UX designer, amateur mathematician, web developer, open source idealist, and robotics enthusiast. Officially I do front end webapp development however, I prefer to think of my work as a constant stream of learning opportunities. I love what I do and try to learn from everything my work is no exception.

Other than content creation, programming, and being a student, I enjoy coffee, tea, sleep when I can get it, and cats.




This is an on/off project that I am creating that is my perfect markdown editor. Because several friends and I are unsatisfied with all products we were able to find, I decided to make my own.


Personal Website

After years of not doing anything for my online presence, I decdied it would be good for me to create some kind of website, portfolio, and resume.

More coming soon