This is an on/off project that I am creating that is my perfect markdown editor. Because several friends and I are unsatisfied with all products we were able to find, I decided to make my own.

Goals of this project

My primary goal of this project was to create a service. Before doing this project I knew all the theory about creating an application however I did not know many of the intricacies of building out a real application with actual users. Because I made this while in school my time was limited, and while this is still very much an ongoing project it has taught me a lot about creating a production ready application.


Much of this is still a work in progress however I still believe it is worthwhile to go into the original features intended for this project. This was primarily made for students, thus organization was key. In order to facilitate this folders, tags, and search functionality should all be very tightly interwoven. Accessibility was also a major consideration. Almost all aspects of text can be changed to improve readability. In addition to this one of the people who I know will be using this application cannot read dark text on a light background. Therefore themes were a consideration from day one.