Personal Website

After years of not doing anything for my online presence, I decdied it would be good for me to create some kind of website, portfolio, and resume.


This website is my face on the internet. It should showcase the very best of my work and serve as a way for people to find me. I wanted it to show all the things I love about front end web development


I love weird little interactions on websites. So I wanted to incorperate several of these into my site without it feeling overwhelming. I also wanted the first thing everyone sees to be a big flashy animation, followed by a little demo of a micro-interaction. This lead to the floating codeblocks concept which I originally intended to be easily editable, however when this was implemented I found it somewhat tacky. So I went with a simple paralax effect instead. Next was the about section. This section has always bored me to death. So I kept it as brief as possible while still incorporating my ethos. Then because that seemed too heavy I also added a blithe comment about how little sleep I get. The animation I am exteremely happy with. My start in javascript was little canvas expirements so it felt only fitting to pay homage to that origin.